My Raspberry Pi – Take One

This past holiday I decided to get a subscription to MagPi Magazine, both as a gift to myself and to support a good cause. I was excited about the prospects of the newest version of the Raspberry Pi computer, Pi Zero, and not only did my annual membership come with a Pi Zero and starter cable bundle, but also a fantastic magazine that has opened to me a whole world of hardware and software experiments within its pages.

I have not yet configured the Pi Zero, but I did rustle up an older Pi computer that came with a Scrypt Miner and managed to get the OS up and running. This is bringing back some memories of my old SuSE Linux fanbois days. Maybe this time I’ll enjoy it a little more. In the past linux frustrated the heck out of me because of all the hardware issues – I build my own PC’s and perhaps my part choices didn’t always offer the best drivers, but I digress. The idea of running linux on the Raspberry Pi is less likely to offer any hardware conflicts.  My fingers are crossed.

20160117_223518_HDRHere is a screen shot of the OS up and running, and I was glad to see NodeJS was installed and ready to rock.  Please excuse the mess. I was more excited than orderly in getting this up and running.

Finding all the accessories, like a usb mouse and keyboard took some rummaging around, and the monitor shown was a freebie from an anonymous source. Long story short, I am back running linux, staring a new journey with RaspberryPi and couldn’t be more exicited about it.  I’ll be sure to update when my USB router and Wifi adapter get delivered.

If you are a computer hobbyist and interested in helping a good cause, I feel is great way to bring technology to those who otherwise not have the opprtunity to be exposed to computer science.